• Reviewed by: Cristinarodriguezswann  on: 29/07/2012
    We have only ordered delivery but have been completely satisfied! 😃
  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/1
    Service is absolutely awful! I have been ordering from them since i moved to this part of town back in June. I ordered from this resteraunt often due to location and the fact they deliver. The food is average to say the least. I've only been in the resteraunt twice. Once a very nice young man helped me. This past Friday I had a terrible experience. I placed online order as always. I was never acknowledged or helped and when a customer entered after me, the cashier yelled over me to help them. I hope this wasn't a race issue and they just have awful service no matter your race. But I had to demand service by saying I want to canceled my order now. I will never order from these guys again! Taiyo Wei is just as close and better food and selection.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //1/6/
    These people are completely incompetent. I called before hand to give my address to make sure that they would be able to deliver to my house. It took them 8 tries to get my address right and assured me that they would be able to deliver to my home. They then told me that they wanted me to order online, I agreed to this. After ordering on their website (which is not very user-friendly) they called to tell me that my address was too far away (only 9 miles away)!!! I do not recommend this restaurant-they obviously are not concerned with their customer's happiness and are not very organized and do not know how to run a business.
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