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  • Reviewed by: old_davy  on: //2020
    Why don't you have the Lunch Specials listed on your online ordering page ?
  • Reviewed by: jjanson.hugo  on: //2020
    Please call me soonest during office hours at 18675283029 I wish to acquire some services from you and would like to have more information from a responsible sales person.
  • Reviewed by: mamaclaybs  on: //2020
    Fast delivery and the food is the best I’ve had in a long time! Will definitely be our #1 Chinese Restaurant.
  • Reviewed by: pitasam01  on: //2019
    You guys are sooooooo EXPENSIVE
  • Reviewed by: alterinasalomon  on: //2019
    How long is my order will deliver?
  • Reviewed by: marit.young  on: //2019
    Ordered delivery late last night 1/4/2019, first Friday of the month. Ordered our favorites. Don't know how you do it but the food just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for the quality food and delivery.
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